Camilla’s Grand Showcase

Sitting in the back row of Camilla’s Grand Showcase, I was pining. Every single element of every single outfit on every single model was divine. Now I may be a tad biased because Camilla Franks is without a doubt my favorite designer, and because I love a good kaftan, but seriously, I did not hear one bad review.

Camilla has this way with fashion that I struggle to find in other designers. She creates fashion that is completely edgy but still feminine, out-there but still wearable.


The whole show had an element of drama to it- the runway was printed in fantastic, colorful patterns, there was a conductor and a band sitting in the middle of the crowd playing orchestral music and the front two rows were decked out in stunning, beaded Camilla cushions which at the end of the show those sitting on them got to take home as a souvenir.


The styling was also phenomenal, it sort of reminded me of Lord of the Rings- the dreadlocks and plaits in the hair, models carrying enormous staffs and flags, with their dresses and capes flowing down the runway behind them.

Being a poor uni student, I am not one to go and spend $600 on a dress, but as soon as I got home from the Camilla Grand Showcase, I jumped onto her website and started trying to figure out how I could justify a purchase.

Working at the fashion festival for four years I have seen a few runway shows, but this will undoubtedly go down as the Queen of them all in my mind, and it will be pretty hard to topple Camilla from that throne.

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