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How I Wish I Could Have Answered Them Silly Tennis Questions


This January just passed, I had the privilege of working at the Australian Open in Information Services, and rather than boring everybody with the details of my everyday tasks, I decided that I would just compile a list of the best questions that myself and colleagues were asked throughout the tournament. Please enjoy and I do apologize if you were one of the people who asked these bizarre questions..

1. When is the Opening Ceremony?

A: You’re at the wrong event sweetheart.

2. When are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt coming to the tennis?

A. I am so sorry but I haven’t seen the most recent copy of their schedule.

3. What match are they going to see?

A. Are they even coming….?

4. How do I get to New Zealand?

A. Plane.

5. Where is Werribee Zoo?

A. Werribee.

6. Do they talk on the Australian Open Grounds Tour?

A. No I’ve heard it’s more of a miming tour..

7. What is the theme of the Australian Open Grounds tour?

A. I cannot be sure but definitely not the Australian Open.

8. Can you ask Channel 7 to broadcast a birthday message to my sister before the Australian Open final?

A. Sure I will give them a call.

9. What is the fastest animal?

A. Rafael Nadal?

10. What language do they speak in Switzerland….. How do you know?

A. I think they speak a few languages…. Because Federer told me so.

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