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Oh sweety, no.

I am someone who appreciates the concept of “skimplifying”, if you’ve got great boobs, then wear a V-neck and show them off. If you have nice legs then wear a skirt and heels to make them look even longer than they already do. Show off your assets. However the other night at the Eminem concert, I noticed that the majority of the young girls there had taken skimplifying to a level previously unheard of.

This is not to say that the Eminem concert is the only place that this travesty is occurring, at the tennis I saw a girl with denim shorts that were so short, you could see the tan-line from her bikini..

Anyway, at Eminem this first came to my attention as I walked in and saw a girl wearing not one, but two bras (you could tell because one was fluro pink and the other black and they were not well aligned). On top of this she had an eighties-style mesh top. It looked like something straight out of Mardi-Gras.

I also noticed as I stood at my post selling water- a pretty boring job but hey I got to watch Eminem, a larger girl wearing miniscule black shorts having a wiggle in front of us. Let’s just say the view from our angle was not a pretty one. Way too much butt cheek and not enough material.

The final hurrah was when, as I was walking out there was a girl strutting in front of me wearing bike shorts, which were rolled up to look even shorter, with what looked like a black bra. Basically she managed to cover up her boobs and vagina and that was about it, as you will see in my sneaky paparazzi shot below..


So my advice is in order to keep your dignity, leave a little bit to the imagination. Sure, wear a plunging neckline (I am guilty of doing this quite a lot), or a short skirt with heels (also guilty), but although it might seem tempting, try not to wear your underwear with nothing over the top.. Save this for bed, or after showering before you put your clothes on… or for an appointment with your gynecologist…

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